Looking and seeing – How Jubilee House became a house of love

By Glenda Andrews

jubileehouseThere are two words in our English language that in the dictionary have pretty much the same meaning.    LOOKING and SEEING

When we LOOK we see, but when we SEE it is with more depth, meaning, and intensity, which can turn into passion.  For example: a tree.  When we LOOK at a tree we see a tree.  But when we SEE a tree we see the color, shape, bark, leaves, and limbs.

This is how Jubilee House got started and how it grew to where it is today.

Ten years ago, the church desired to do more outreach to help those in poverty, but it was not sure what, where, or how help was needed.  A committee was formed to LOOK at what was needed in the community to help our fellow brothers and sisters.  The committee found that what the community needed most were showers and free laundry. And so Jubilee House was born–a place where anyone could come and take a shower (as no bathrooms were available for the homeless) and wash their one set of clothing.  The house was open a few hours a week, but as time went on and word spread, more and more people who needed these services came and the house grew in volume.  While all of this was happening we were still just LOOKING, but as we came to know each of our visitors we started SEEING.  SEEING people as people, just like us but for the fact that life had taken them down a different path. And once we started SEEING, we started LISTENING as their life stories unfolded.

We then realized that we needed not to only have showers and laundry for our visitors, but to begin to SEE, LISTEN, and ACCEPT the whole person and not just looking at their outward appearance.  That is when Jubilee House became a complete house that is shared by anyone who passes through its doors and where dignity and respect became not only the LOOK but also the SEE and LISTEN house of LOVE.

Stop in at Jubilee House and LOOK what this house is all about.  You may want to stay to SEE and LISTEN.


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