Love your neighbor

Bounty received from last year’s Spartan Food Drive

I was pondering the commandment to “Love your neighbor as yourself” while it was being read in church recently.  I have known this my entire life, but what does it mean to me?  Love is a feeling, but feeling lovingly towards someone is not enough.  It doesn’t mean anything without some action involved in loving someone.  Hugging is an action as is feeding, clothing, guiding, teaching, listening, etc.  As you probably know, I am an action person for, hopefully, the good of others, especially involving food.  Actually all of our Jubilee Ministries are action ministries, as we do not spend much time sitting around talking about things, we do them at the Food Pantry, at Jubilee House and at Friday Community Lunch.

All three ministries are asking for our church family and neighbors to join us in showing our love through action.  The Food Pantry, my forte, is staffed 100% by volunteers who come once a month to guide our neighbors in need in choosing food to last a minimum of 3 days.  We talk with our customers, listen to them and sometimes pray or hug or laugh or joke or cry with them.  We also stock our shelves, bag up Kid Bags, sort through and display all the food items from Food Rescue which arrives on Fridays, procure more food, and take part in food drives and incentives through the Northwest Food Coalition.  This year the food drives are starting Friday, April 27 and Saturday, April 28 with the Spartan-Food Coalition Food Drive.  Every Spartan Store needs to be staffed by volunteers giving out flyers and encouraging people to donate to Food Drive at the cash registers.  Grace church will be working at Olesons Long Lake.  It is a little difficult sometimes to go up to a shopper and ask for money ($10 which Spartan Warehouse turns into $20 worth of food) for a good cause, but forgetting about personal shyness and wearing a big smile helps to reap great results!  Last year one of our food pantry regulars came to Olesons and after chatting with us, she bought some food to give to the food drive without any prompting from us. We were touched by her actions.

We need you to help with this as the amount of food we receive is dependent on how many hours we volunteer at Olesons.  The more hours, the more food.  Our neighbors really do appreciate the apples, potatoes and onions along with nonperishable foods.  A bag of onions to our guests is a bag of gold.  Please contact Nancy Johnson ( or the church office if you can possibly help us out with the upcoming food drives, especially the Spartan Food Drive.


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