Ministry of the Week – Service Participants

By Joel Wegman

This week we publish a few words about the Service Participant Ministry, which is not one, but really a collection of several different ministries for people to serve in different roles in conducting our three weekly worship services.

Bread&WineTogether with The Rev. Daniel and/or The Rev. Katherine, Lectors read from scripture, Intercessors lead the Prayers of the People, Lay Eucharistic Ministers serve the communal bread and wine, and our Ushers assist the congregants with bulletins, seating and communion order, and any special instruction and help that visitors might need.  All of these are dedicated to providing a worship experience that is comfortable, caring and complete.

In the early days of the Church, believers gathered to worship in each other’s homes or some small community space, and almost everyone participated directly in one way or another.  Their numbers were much fewer than ours at worship and so that same style really wouldn’t be practical for us in our community today.  But for our worship participants, these ministries provide a way to have that same connectedness to the Eucharist and in service to others.

Most of our Worship Participants volunteer to serve a couple of times each month and schedule themselves when, and as often, as they wish.  If you would like more information about joining one of these ministries, please contact the Church office.
“What then shall we say, brothers and sisters? When you come together, each of you has a hymn, or a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation. Everything must be done so that the church may be built up.”  1 Corinthians 14:26


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