Notes from the Rector in the Interim

by The Rev. Kathryn Costas

The Rev. Kathryn Costas, Rector in the Interim

Thank you to everyone who participated in the gatherings, Going Forward: the Next Steps.  We had about 60 folks participate.  In July we will put together what came out of those meetings and focus on our next steps.  There is still time to participate in one final gathering if you have not done so. Please let me ( or the office know if you want to be included in the final gathering. It is a 3 1/2 – 4 hour commitment.

Conversations with the Rector

Following the services on June 9 and 10 and again on June 16 and 17 I will meet with folks in the Sanctuary to have conversations about what it means to be a welcoming church (June 9 & 10) and “people first, labels second: what LGBTQ+ really means”(June 16 & 17).  Please join me as we begin conversation together.

Interim Ministry Network’s 38th annual conference is the third week of June and I will be attending.  The theme is: Discovering a New Song.  It has been said, “songs and hymns of our faith traditions convey deeper truths and words of comfort and inspiration that connect us to history and shape a vision of hope. How does our work of transitional ministry assist congregations to discover a new song that is grounded in experience and heritage, as they prepare for the future they will create in the singing?”  I look forward to this annual conference because I learn so much and it is an opportunity to share with my interim colleagues.  Following the conference I will take my second week of vacation. Did you know that it is standard for full time ministers in the Episcopal Church to have four weeks of vacation and two weeks of continuing education time each year?

Following Trinity Sunday, the Liturgical Year moves into The Season after Pentecost, or what is also known as Ordinary Time.  This is the longest season of the church year and ends with the beginning of Advent.  For the summer months, our liturgy will see some changes.  We will be using responses, confession, Eucharistic Prayers, and post communion prayer from Enriching Our Worship (EOW).  During this season, we are offered two tracks for the Old Testament reading and psalm. We will be using Track Two of the Revised Common Lectionary.  Track two thematically pairs the Old Testament reading with the Gospel reading. For this first Sunday (June 3) the Song of Praise is Canticle N from EOW, we will say it together.  I invite you to do something different during this season.  Instead of following along in your service leaflet for the Eucharistic Prayer, look at the altar and at the bread and wine.  Experience the sacraments with your senses. Be open to hearing, seeing, and feeling the Holy in new ways.

May this summer be a time of re-creation and new beginnings.




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