Voice of the Vestry – faith at the core

by Kelly Ignace

Kelly Ignace

I’m a marketing contractor, and one of the services I provide is building websites. I mostly build in WordPress. This isn’t a commercial. There’s a useful analogy to be told. Please stick with me. WordPress is this amazingly powerful open-source platform. Open-source meaning that the code is essentially available to anyone, and a community of developers contribute to both the code of the WordPress core, and to the various plugins that provide functionality beyond core function (blogging).

You can add plugins to gain functionality like ecommerce (online store sales), events, fillable forms, live chats, etc. You have all experienced this in some form. All of these plugins work great, because they were built to work with a core code that is whole and functionally solid. What you don’t want to EVER do, is hack the WordPress core to get a third-party plugin or your own code to bring about desired functionality. Once you do that, other plugins will not work, and core updates from WordPress will break the whole system you’ve built.

So here’s the thing, trust is our core. It can be trust in our Creator, or the trust a child has for their parent. As long as our core trust  remains intact, or “un-hacked”, you can plug in things like academics, sports, work life, relationships, etc. and the whole system functions as was divinely created. You may get a full ride to Harvard, land in a sweet satisfying marriage, rise to CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

Which one of us can claim we’ve made it to adulthood with our core entirely intact? Whatever the hack (heartbreak, disappointment, abuse, etc.), it caused us to 1) struggle with our faith, and 2) become frustrated in certain areas of life — most often relationships.

Satan hacked the core in the Garden of Eden. You know the story.

We can “update” our core not only by connecting with God, but also by connecting with others, whether in church or beyond. Seek healthy interactions. Surround yourself with positive people and messaging. These are actions that build and renew.

How do we restore our core? We restore it with Faith. It’s the biggest and most important step we can take in restoring ourselves to wholeness. There’s often uncomfortable personal work to do beyond Faith, but Faith is the core we can build upon. Faith helps us navigate uncertainty — in the job market, in politics, in the actions of those around us, etc. With Faith, we can plugin the chaos of parenthood, and the challenges of being caretakers for our aging parents. With Faith, we can plugin Scripture and obedience. With Faith we can plugin a forgiveness toward ourselves and others, one that yields Grace.


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