We are God's grace, in action, within our church and among our community.


We are an Episcopal church committed to Welcome, Relationships, Outreach, and the Transformational Power of the Spirit.


Decidedly focused on the life of the individual, we see our sanctuary filled with families with children. We reach out to people and fold them into the life of the church, and we actively facilitate the formation of meaningful relationships within our congregation. We see ourselves as advocates for social change and justice. We engage more deeply with our Traverse City neighbors, and we seek ways to support the abundant spiritual talents in our parishioners.

We are a Protestant Christian church. We trace our church’s beginning to the Reformation in England in the sixteenth century. The word “episcopal” comes from the Greek word for overseer or bishop. It describes how our church is organized. The Episcopal Church is divided into dioceses which are overseen by bishops. Presiding Bishop Michael Curry is the head of the Episcopal Church. He is the first African-American presiding bishop in our church’s history. The Episcopal Church is divided into 15 provinces, and we are in Province V, “the Province of the Midwest.”

Although we have a defined structure, there is shared leadership and decision making at the congregational level. The Episcopal Church, in essence, is a representative democracy, similar to our U.S. government. We see that especially in our election of vestry members.

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Grace is one of the 57 congregations in the Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan, which was formed in 1874. Our diocese is led by Bishop Whayne Hougland. Our Diocesan Convention, the annual meeting of priests and lay leaders, gathers each November.

We’re also part of a global family of churches. The Episcopal Church is a member of the Anglican Communion, which has more than 70 million followers worldwide. The spiritual head of the Communion is the Archbishop of Canterbury. Justin Welby is the current archbishop.

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