Why another Bible study?

By Eddie Grim

Alternate Keep Eddie GrimYou can read and understand the bible! You can find comfort, strength, and guidance by reading the bible! It can make a huge difference in your life!

The Episcopal Church holds the scriptures in high regard both in doctrine and in practice. While the scriptures are extensively incorporated into the services and offices of the Prayer Book, the average church member does not regularly read the scriptures devotionally.

The Bible seems strange in it’s structure and content to most lay people.  It is filled with strange names, words, places, and customs. It reflects a culture very different than our own.

The very fact that it is held in such high regard in doctrine and liturgy can add to people’s fear and difficulty in reading it and applying it to their own lives.

The fact that we talk about “bible study” can also make it seem intimidating and academic. The common practice of clergy discussing word meanings, the cultural context, and theological issues in sermons, can inadvertently reinforce the idea that you need a theological degree in order to read and interpret the bible.

The existence of so many varied translations often only serves to add to the confusion to the average lay person, and bible study aids can seem as strange and intimidating to the average person as the bible itself.

The “You Can” Bible Class is a learn by doing class.  We will look at the scriptures the class wants to discuss. We will not assume any prior understanding or experience reading the bible. The emphasis will always be on a devotional reading of the bible, which will help individuals find comfort, strength, and guidance for their own lives.

We will be meeting every Sunday after the 10:00 am service (approximately 11:30 am)  in the Jubilee House next to the church. You do not need to come to all the classes. New members can come in and out of the class as needed. If you have your own bible bring it, but bibles will be provided if you do not have one. We can help you select a study bible of your own if needed. All members will be given the small and easily understood, but very helpful book Bible Basics For Everyone by Terry Glaspey.

Come and learn together by doing and discover the difference that regular devotional bible reading can make in your life!


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