Help Us Restore Care for the Unhoused in Traverse City!

In partnership with Safe Harbor, Central UMC, Goodwill, and other area partners we are significantly expanding our hours at Jubilee House. We need to patch the hole in our community’s safety net for the unhoused so that our friends will always know where they can go for shelter from the elements, and for basic services to protect their health and dignity.


We all need somewhere to be. Somewhere we can take a shower, do our laundry, use the internet, and keep our belongings.

Since 2004, Safe Harbor has provided a place for our unhoused sisters and brothers to spend the night in safety during the colder months, and Since 2006, Jubilee House has provided a day shelter and many basic services all year long.

Pre-COVID Jubilee House provided these services as part of a patchwork of programs that made up a daytime safety net that cared for the unhoused. Today, along with daily breakfast at Central United Methodist Church, Jubilee House is the only place currently available that is dedicated to serving those in need of a “home” because they don’t have a house.

Please join us. Your time, talent, and compassion can make wrap-around services for the unhoused in our midst a reality.

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