Outreach = Impact | Part II with Dr. Bill Smith

Our Pledge Campaign this year at Grace is all about our outreach programs, how they impact the people we serve, how they change the lives of those who volunteer, and how those volunteers help make Grace Episcopal Church a vibrant community that is alive with God’s love.

We thank Bill Smith for sharing his experiences and inviting us to be a part of Jubilee House. 

Impact of Jubilee House by Bill Smith

After retiring from a local medical practice, I was looking for an opportunity to volunteer somewhere when I heard Glenda Andrews describe Jubilee House. For the past several years, I have volunteered regularly at Jubilee House and have tried to provide some medical advice if needed. We see adults 18 years and older whose lives are usually in turmoil. Most of our folks are living on the streets of Traverse City, often in encampments in the summer and Safe Harbor in the winter. Their needs are basic and universal—a roof over their heads, warm, dry clothing, and regular meals. Probably most importantly, we offer a consistent, listening ear. With expanded hours and colder weather, our numbers have more than doubled recently.

For me, my time at Jubilee House has increased my awareness and advocacy for the invisible in our community. I can now walk downtown and meet those experiencing homelessness, call them by name, look them in the eye and ask how they are—something all of us need and deserve. The teachings we hear weekly from Fathers Jim and Derek continue to remind of my decision to volunteer time at Jubilee House.

We all have time, talent, and treasures—please consider using them to participate in OUR Jubilee House Ministry as part of Grace’s Pledge Campaign. Thank You.

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